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CYCLO menstrual pad soap is a gentle and neutral soap. It is specifically formulated to care for fabrics like washable pads, but it's also suitable for intimate hygiene and general body use. Its stain-removing power makes it the perfect ally for your menstrual cycle!
Discover the revolutionary menstrual cup that will change your cycle forever! Made with medical grade silicone , it provides unparalleled comfort and allows you to experience your period without worry. With its ability to be worn for up to 12 hours without emptying , it gives you total freedom . With a lifespan of up to 10 years, you will save money and contribute to the environment .
Washable absorbent pad made of highly absorbent untreated organic cotton. Cotton does not heat and leaves a soft, fresh feel. Also available in Night, SalvaSlip and Tanga versions..
Infuso calmante Alleviare il disagio e dolore del ciclo Profumo dolce della vaniglia
L'infuso antinfiammatorio con salvia zenzero e curcuma di produzione biologica. Particolarmente indicato durante il pre-ciclo, per alleviare i dolori e ridurre il gonfiore.