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If you want a fresh mouth and a sparkling smile, you can't forget to take care of your tongue too! Have you ever heard of our tongue cleaners ? They are the secret to getting rid of all the gunk that accumulates on your tongue : toxins, bacteria, food residue, and you name it !

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The perfect ally for maintaining perfect oral hygiene ... This particular one is made of copper and is reusable, making it much more durable and resistant than conventional plastic ones. . - Removes the whitish coating on the tongue caused by the accumulation of bacteria, toxins and fungi.. - Rebalances the oral microbiota by eliminating harmful bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and dental plaque.. - Frees the taste buds from bacteria by improving the sense of taste.... - HOW TO USE - You just swipe it over your tongue 4/5 times, rinsing it from time to time so as to remove any bacteria and germs collected during the swipe.. You can also use it several times a day.. - Size - 13 cm. Cotton packaging and copper scraper.


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