Butterfly Safety Razor

- Safety Razor - Stainless Steel - Black Chrome Plating - Butterfly Opening

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Reference BB-BAE043 EAN13 8420078425062
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Banbu vintage razors are designed for those who want a more sustainable, more effective, more durable, cheaper and much more stylish alternative to plastic razors and their disastrous consequences for the environment. This razor differs from others in its butterfly opening ... - HOW TO USE IT - In order to position the blade, it is necessary to open the "wings" of the razor by rotating the handle of the razor.. Once open insert the blade and close again, screwing in the opposite direction.. It is important to make sure that everything is positioned and adjusted correctly.. As with any shave, it is advisable to prepare the skin before starting. You can do this as usual; with warm water and applying shaving cream or a simple soap, or if you want extra preparation, you can apply a warm washcloth for a few minutes to open the pores and soften the hairs further.. This will give you a more comfortable and efficient shave. Start shaving as usual.... Run the blade very gently and never put pressure on the skin.. Just a light touch is enough to cut the hair.. - MATERIALS-. It is made of high quality stainless steel and, like the rest of the Banbu shaving product range, gives a smooth, safe, effective and comfortable shave..


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