Multi-Purpose Refill Pack (3 sachets)


Our 3-bag kit of multi-purpose soluble cleaner is the ideal choice for those who want an eco-friendly and highly effective solution for cleaning all surfaces. With its 100% plastic free and 100% certified compostable formula, our cleaner is completely free of environmentally harmful materials. In addition, it is vegan and VOC free, free of petrochemical ingredients. With lavender essential oil. .

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Do you want to clean your home with natural products that are free of petrochemical ingredients and really clean? ECO FOR REAL is the line for you.. Multipurpose, the word itself says it, is a product suitable for daily cleaning of all surfaces ... Gentler than the other cleaners in the range, it can also be used on wood.. It has a light scent of lavender , accompanied by a few notes of tea-tree ... - how to use - Fill a 500ml glass bottle with warm water. Take a sachet. Cut it where indicated and pour the powder into the bottle. Shake until the product has dissolved. Once the powder is poured into the bottle and water is added the multipurpose is ready to use.. Use a wet cloth.. Finish cleaning with a dry cloth for a shinier result.. - contents - 1 package of 3 sachets of multipurpose cleaning powder. - packaging - The sachets containing the cleaning powder are made of cellulose, 100% compostable.. The detergent box is made of 70% recycled paper. - dosage - 3 x 12 g sachets. - ingredients - Sodium Sulfate - Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - Sodium Citrate - Citric Acid - Potassium Sorbate - Sodium Benzoate - Benzyl Alcohol - Lavandula Hybrida Oil* - Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil*, - Limonene. *From organic farming. - Important - After pouring the cleansing powder into water, it may happen that the liquid appears dull or with some deposit.. This effect is completely normal as there are no solubilizers of petrochemical origin present.. It is sufficient to shake the dispenser well before use.. The product, when diluted in water, has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months, depending on the composition of the household water..



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