Loofah Dish Sponge


Vegetable Sponge: 100% compostable and suitable for non-stick dishes, dishes and cookware. Packaged in plantable paper with Thyme seeds.

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Our Vegetable Sponge is the environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional kitchen sponge. Made of 100 percent compostable material, this sponge is ideal for daily cleaning of dishes, dishes and nonstick cookware. Thanks to its vegetable fiber composition, the Vegetable Sponge is just as effective as the traditional sponge but with the advantage of being sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, the package is made of plantable paper with Thyme seeds, which you can plant and watch grow in your garden.

3/4 months| Compostable | 12cm x 7cm

vegan & cruelty free

100% vegetale

carta piantabile

made in spain

The luffa is nothing but a plant... a kind of squash that is allowed to grow, and eventually dried to create body or kitchen sponges.

And if you wish, you can even cultivate it on your own balcony! 😉

Using it is simple: just moisten it lightly with warm water and use it to clean the surface to be cleaned.. After use, rinse it off and let it dry. With a shelf life of about three to four months, the Vegetable Sponge is the perfect solution for those who want an effective and environmentally friendly kitchen cleaning product.



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