reusable menstrual pads - Night


- Absorbent Washable - Highly absorbent - Suitable for early cycle days and nighttime - Soft and fresh

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Want an ultra absorbent washable pad? This is perfect if you have a heavy flow!!! CYCLO pads are made in Spain from organic cotton from European suppliers, with no dyes on the side that stays in contact with the skin . The result is a soft, 100% hypoallergenic absorbent . The perfect solution for women with high sensitivity to synthetics, recurrent infections or allergic reactions.. - What it is made of - Each Absorbent is made with the following layers:. - One layer of OEKO-TEX®-certified, dye-free organic cotton that contacts the skin. - 1 to 3 layers of organic cotton absorbent. - One waterproof layer made of OEKO-TEX®-certified PUL. - One brown outer layer made of organic cotton. - HOW TO WASH - For washing, we recommend removing the stain with cold water and CYCLO fabric soap.. Immediately afterwards, soak them until washed in the washing machine with mild soap and no fabric softener.. It is best to let them dry in the sun to keep them clean and stain-free.. - how long does it last - They have a useful life of about 3 years.



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