Bamboo straw sets

Set of 4 Bamboo Straws with cotton case and small brush for washing...

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Set of reusable bamboo wood straws with natural cotton pouch. The set includes 4 straws of different diameters and different shades, being all-natural, 1 cleaner to maintain their hygiene after use, and a carrying case... - MORE INFO - This set of bamboo straws is designed for those looking for a more eco-friendly, natural, sustainable and much more aesthetic (why not?) alternative to traditional plastic straws and their disastrous consequences for the environment.. For you, who care about details and care about the environment. The beautiful shade of bamboo wood will give your drinks a natural and exotic touch, and due to their lightness and softness, they will be very pleasant to use, without being rough or jagged.. In addition, due to the characteristics and smooth finish of bamboo, they are very easy to clean, being a totally hygienic option . - HOW TO WASH - Wash the straws with soap and water before the first use with the help of your detergent and without using very aggressive abrasive sponges. After use, simply rinse them under running water.. Due to the strength of this material, bamboo straws are very durable and safe, as they do not break, wear out or scratch easily.. If you take good care of them and keep them clean of beverage residue, they will last you a long time..


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