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This cream moisturizes dry, chapped hands with a fast-absorbing non-greasy formulation. Recycled hibiscus flower acids contain 45% alpha-hydroxy acids , which help to gently remove pollutants from the upper layers of the skin and stimulate cell renewal..
An award-winning moisturizing body cream for all skin types with nourishing shea butter, flaxseed and olive oil. Soothe dry or irritated skin with this soothing blend of natural ingredients.. This moisturizing body cream helps reduce inflammation and redness, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple..
Luxurious 100% natural body and hair oil with a subtle yet magical fragrance. This oil works wonders even for the most sensitive skin. Extra benefit: the bottle contains no less than 200 ml. So, you can enjoy it for a long time!
Save 10% on your favourite fruity duo, now in a set! Our brand new Hand + Body Wash and Lotion have been designed with each other in mind. With identical frosted glass bottles and complementary scents, these two are a match made in heaven. • Hand + Body Wash 250ml • Hand + Body Lotion 250ml
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Try our fast-absorbing solid cream with olive oil and shea butter for soft and fragrant hands.
Choose Velvet body cream for radiant and healthy skin. Formulated with certified organic ingredients, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin C