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Made from natural konjac fiber, this sponge removes impurities and smooths skin without irritating it . Its porous, soft texture makes cleansing a real pleasure. Add the white konjac body sponge to your beauty routine for soft, radiant skin ...
Made with konjac fiber and activated charcoal , this sponge helps remove impurities and excess sebum , leaving your skin clean and purified. Its soft and gentle texture makes for a pleasant and gentle cleansing experience..
Enhance your natural beauty with our amazing dry brush! The high-quality bristles stimulate blood circulation, improving the radiance and firmness of the skin . With its gentle exfoliating action, the dry brush removes dead skin cells, revealing smoother, more radiant skin. Experience the pleasure of a self-care routine that pampers your body and makes you feel on top!
With its soft texture and the exfoliating action of walnut powder, this sponge gently removes impurities and dead skin cells. Great for all skin types, it will give you a radiant and revitalized look..
Forget about non-biodegradable plastic sticks! Our organic cotton and bamboo sticks are the smart choice. Packaged in a set of 500, they offer convenience without harming the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference with our eco-friendly sticks! .
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