Soap Dish

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The magnetic soap dish made in Berlin with 90% material from recycled nets 💚 and that can be used with any bottle cap! Find out how below. .
The sisal bag is a great substitute for chemical scrubs or traditional exfoliants. You can use it instead of exfoliating products made of plastic or with microbeads that are harmful to the environment. Thanks to its natural fiber, the sisal bag offers a sustainable and gentle alternative for exfoliating the skin, r emoving dead skin cells and leaving it fresh and glowing . It is ideal for those who wish to adopt a more natural and eco-friendly body care routine..
Discover Waves, the wave soap dish! This minimalist design is specially created to let your solid cosmetics dry quickly and smoothly . Add a touch of style to your bathroom with Waves, the ideal companion for your solid cosmetics .
Tin jar with lid. Suitable both as a travel soap dish and as a container for candles or other DIY products made at home....
With our magnetic soap holder, keep your soaps dry and ready for use. Attach it in the shower or near the sink for convenient storage of your favorite solid soaps. Suitable for all types of solid soaps.
The perfect soap dish for your favorite shampoos, conditioners and solid products. Made of natural mineral chalk , its super-absorbent properties help your solid cosmetics dry quickly, ensuring they last longer...
Do you want to travel light without giving up your favorite products? Our durable aluminum container is the perfect solution for conveniently carrying your solid soaps with you.
Looking for a soap dish for your favorite shampoos, conditioners and solid products. Thanks to its super-absorbent properties, this plaster soap dish will help you better store your solid cosmetics while ensuring that they last longer...