Eco-Friendly Products

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- Made of steel and synthetic bristles - For cleaning straws - practical and convenient
- Sports Cap for Spout - Universal - with anti-drip system
Dispenser in alluminio riciclabile da 250ml, riutilizzabile adatto per i gel in polvere della linea Banbu
Pratica e comoda Ottima anche come confezione regalo Realizzata in cotone fairtrade
- Steel Water Bottle - Thermal up to 12 hours - 350 ml
- 1 cotton bag - for reusable straws - also use them for your cutlery
Moso bamboo wood reusable cutlery set , with natural cotton case, designed to be used as an alternative to disposable plastic cutlery.
Our reusable amber glass spray dispenser is a stylish and sustainable addition to your cleaning kit. With a practical design and recyclable plastic dispenser, it is easy to use and environmentally conscious. .
Made from high-quality aluminium, this tin is designed to carry soap, shampoo, or conditioner bars with ease. The compact size makes it ideal for travel, while the included drainage tray ensures our soap lasts even longer than usual.
This stainless steel reusable straws kit are the perfect alternative for embracing sustainability with friends. With three curved straws, a wider version for smoothies, a cleaning brush and an organic cotton bag, you have everything you need...
This steel straw is an environmentally friendly and durable alternative to traditional disposable plastic straws. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is reusable, easy to clean and perfect for any beverage . It combines style and eco-sustainability, allowing you to sip your favorite beverages responsibly and without waste..
Each soapi is sold with a vegan and very high quality sticker. Basically, if used correctly, it sticks forever. However, the stickers cannot be reused. If your soapis ever have to move, you can easily order replacement stickers and your soapi is ready for use again.
Our handmade Wild Flower soy wax scented candle carries a cheerful fragrance of essential oils. This natural candle provides a delightful scent experience through the use of pure essential oils of grapefruit and geranium rose.
Our handmade Spicy Spirit soy wax scented candle carries a warming fragrance of essential oils. This natural candle provides a delightful scent experience through the use of pure essential oils of orange, cinnamon, cedarwood, and patchouli.
Our handmade Sunset Dreams soy wax scented candle carries an enchanting fragrance of essential oils that invites you to relax and find tranquility. The essential oils used are orange, eucalyptus, and lavender.
Give your bathroom a touch of style and practicality with our fantastic toothbrush and razor holder! Made from natural mineral stone, this holder is the perfect ally for keeping everything tidy and handy..